Faragta Learning provides free online tutorials to programmers from beginners to advanced level on a vast majority of topics including HTML, JavaScript, C#, AWS, Cloud, Databases and more.

AWS EC2 - run servers on the cloud
AWS Lambda - run serverless code
AWS API Gateway - run serverless API
AWS S3 - store your files securely
Cloudfront - CDN for the web
AWS Athena - run serverless query
AWS Cloudwatch - monitor your applications
AWS IAM - identity access management
AWS SQS - cloud based messaging system
AWS Glacier - cloud based file archival service
Amazon Comprehend - cloud based natural language processing service
Amazon Translate - cloud based translation service
Amazon Transcribe - cloud based transcripe service
Google Knowledge Graph - find knowledge on entities
AWS Certificate Manager - ssl certificates for AWS services
HTML - the markup language for creating web pages
CSS - create styles for your web pages
JavaScript - run simple scripts on web pages
jQuery - a javascript library
JSON - the data exchange format for web
Asp.Net Web Forms - a web framework for building web pages
Asp.Net MVC - a mvc web framework for building web pages.
WCF - a web framework for building api
Website Performance - all about speed
IIS - a server for serving web pages
Sql - the query language for database
Sql Server - a relational database
MySql - a popular relational database for websites
AWS RDS - relational database in the cloud
C# - general purpose, object-oriented programming language
NodeJS - event-driven, non-blocking I/O
Asp.Net Web Forms - a web framework for building web pages