S3 - Create a Bucket

In S3, user data is stored in buckets. A bucket can be created by logging into AWS Console and navigating into S3 and then clicking "Create Bucket". The bucket creation takes less than a minute. The bucket name needs to be alpha-nemeric and cannot contain any upper case characters.

User only pays for the data stored and it does not matter how many buckets are created. Also, note that bucket names need to be unique across AWS (not only availability zone or region or account but S3).

The home screen for S3 looks below. It might look different if AWS updates the console or if the user swicthes back to the previous console.

Click on the Create Bucket button from top left and the "Create Bucket" popup screen is displayed where the user needs to enter the bucket name, region and can also configure extra information like versioning, logging, tags and permission. The "Create Bucket" popup screen looks like below.

Now the newly created bucket appears in the bucket list in S3 page and the bucket name, region and creation date is displayed by default. The bucket name row (not the name) can be clicked to show the properties of the bucket as shown below.

Note that there couple more options to delete the bucket and to empty the bucket. The button acts as the name suggests - the delete button deletes the bucket and empty bucket deletes all the files within a bucket.

If a bucket is deleted, the bucket name becomes available for reuse by any account.