S3 Events

S3 can trigger events when certain actions occur within a bucket. For example, events are triggered when an object is uploaded, copied, deleted or an RRS object is lost. S3 can send notifications to SNS, SQS and Lambda when any of these events occur.

Events can be subscribed to from within the S3 console and also from the other services like Lambda. To subscribe to events from within the S3 console, open S3 console, navigate to the properties of the bucket and then click on "Events". Current subscribed events can be edited and deleted and new events can be subscribed to.

Click on "Add Notification" to add a new notification. Fill up the form with the required criteria. Check the events that needs to be subscribed. Note that multiple events can be setup, for example, different lambda functions can be called depending on whether objects are created or deleted. The option also includes filtering options like prefix and suffix. Note that ARN of the Lambda function, SNS topic or SQS queue needs to be added.