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HTML ordered list - how to use <ol> tag

The HTML <ol> tag is used to define a numerical or alphabetical ordered list. Numbering of the list items can be controlled.

The li tag is used to define the list items.


The ol tag supports the global and event attributes.

Renders the list items in reversed order
Defines the start value for the list items
Defines the type of ordering to use - alphabetical, numerical, etc. Possible values include:
  • A - uppercase alphabetical
  • a - lowercase alphabetical
  • 1 - numerical
  • I - roman numerical
  • i - roman numerical


<ol style="list-style-type:upper-alpha"> <li>Asp.Net</li> <li>Php</li> <li>Java</li> </ol> <ol style="list-style-type:lower-alpha"> <li>Asp.Net</li> <li>Php</li> <li>Java</li> </ol>

Related HTML tags:

  • <ul> - used to define an unordered list
  • <li> - used to define list items
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